Skilled Worker Visa

Applying for a work visa could be quite complicated and it is more challenging to make the process successful, but Passport Lines Centre’s trained counsellors are highly experienced and experts in helping through the entire permit application process. A work permit visa is meant only for individuals travelling to certain countries for work purposes and achieving a brighter future.

Work permits can be of many types e.g. Skilled work visas and unskilled work visas. Both have been designed to recruit the right person to the right place. 

Our dedicated admission team always endeavour to get you on the right track of success.   

Visitor / Schengen Visas 

A Schengen / visitor visa allows you to visit the countries for tourism purposes or for business visitor activities including attending conferences and exploratory or negotiation business visits. It is meant for people intending to visit the country for a short duration of time, from 90 days to a maximum of 5 years.  On some occasions, you might be granted a short visa if you are a first-time visitor.   

Passport Lines Ltd’s dedicated and professional team is always in search of the best places to visit around the world.     

Business / Entrepreneur Visas

A business visa is meant for highly successful and accomplished business people, who are welcome to settle down in many countries around the world so that they can contribute to the economy in a splendid way.

If you are a successful business person and would like to expand your business in the global market, we are @   Passport Lines to merge your business to extra success level. 

Student Visa

Applying for a student visa could be a quite complicated and challenging process, but Passport Lines Centre’s trained counsellors are highly experienced and experts in helping students through the entire application process. A student visa is meant only for individuals travelling to destinations all over the world with the purpose of achieving higher education. There are many kinds of student visas; the one you require depends basically on the kind of study you wish to undertake.

Our dedicated student admission team always endeavour to get you on the right track of success.

Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H)

Malaysia is one of the leading countries in South-East Asia that is experiencing buoyant and vibrant development. Together with its natural beauty blending with its interesting fusion of Malay, Chinese, Indian and indigenous cultures and customs, Malaysia is the perfect tropical destination for those seeking to start businesses or investments. Apart from these, Malaysia has some of the most superb beaches, hills/mountains and national park in Asia. Click here for more info...

Domestic Holidays

Bangladesh, a land of an exhilarating mix with fascinating history, vibrant cultures, panoramic beauties, historical ruins, flora and fauna, hills and forests, sandy world longest sea beaches and mangrove forest's wildlife.

The true fact is we never try to discover what fascinating beauty waiting for our next city. So it's time to explore the most vibrant beauty in our own home country.

We can help you

We are here to help the young talented, potential individual to build their future in a way they are passionate.   So whatever is your dream we can assist you to shape your future in consistent with our dedicated professional. Our aim is to shape a platform for all young Bangladeshi national, students and working-class people to look for their upcoming opportunities through information and social media via us.

So, always bear in mind "It's never too late to make things right"   

According to the IMF, Bangladesh is the second fastest growing economic developing country in 2016 and its rate of 7.1% in the world. We have the most forward thinking largest young generation ever; which is 48 million. Our aim is to utilise this most fruitful young generation through their own potential.   We at Passport Lines always find the best opportunity for our every service user.


The best business visa service I have ever had in my business carrier, now I am settled in the United Kingdom with a successful business expansion!